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urdu bigger tips breasts Breast cream

The common and universal belief of a beautiful lady is mostly qualified by having a beautiful figure, attractive hair and face as well.

The definition of a beautiful female figure is: a lady with an attractive and ideal breast size. A large number of ladies find themselves looking for ways to increase breast size naturally. Below are some reasons behind improper breast size;

Reasons behind having an inappropriate breast size:

    1. The main reason for having an inadequate breast size is the alteration of the hormonal system of the body.
    1. Another reason behind improper breast size can be improper diet.
    1. A disturbed menstruation cycle can also be an obstacle for the breasts to enlarge naturally.
    1. Not doing any exercise and being lazy can also be the cause of small breast size.
  1. Some heredity factors may also be behind improper breast size.

Tips and advice on how to increase breast size naturally:

    1. Get a membership in a women’s gym and do a chest exercise to help increase breast size.
    1. A particular hormone (called estrogen) in the body does not work properly early in the menstrual cycle because the breasts do not grow normally. To cure this estrogen disorder, you can buy some supplements in medical stores that can be useful to increase the size of the breasts.
    1. In case of any disorder in the menstruation cycle, the functioning of the progesterone hormones is disturbed because this hormone cannot adequately stimulate the mammary gland and ovaries, and causes an obstacle in growth of the breasts. Therefore, the use of supplements made for progesterone orally or externally can be helpful in increasing breast size.
    1. Fennel and fenugreek extracts are well known for increasing breast size.
    1. Soaked and tender red lentils. Apply this paste on the breasts at night, but avoid massage. This home remedy works well.
    1. Birth control pills also cause breast enlargement.
  1. Massage your breasts with Luke warm olive oil at night for almost fifteen minutes, this will help you gradually increase the size of your breasts.

How to massage to increase the size of the breasts:

The best way to do a massage is to first warm the hands to generate heat and energy to increase the size of the cup. Rub inward with your hands and continue around your breasts in a circle. Circulate your right hand in a clockwise direction, and your left hand should move in an anti-clockwise direction.

Do a minimum of 100-300 circular rubs before and after bedtime. Each circular massage should consist of 2 seconds. Take a short pause and restart the movement of your hands to warm up your chest. You should rub for about 10-15 minutes each, which will do almost 300 rubs. You can increase the size of your breast in a month if you massage in this way twice a day.

Foods that increase the size of the breasts:

Estrogen in a woman’s body helps shape it. Eating foods and fruits that contain estrogen can play a vital role in breast enlargement. The following foods andfruits are enriched with estrogen;

    • Apple
    • Cucumber
    • Plums
    • Beet
    • Pepper
    • Rice
    • Parsley
    • Wheat
    • Sunflower
    • Green vegetables
    • Berries
    • Walnuts
    • Garlic
    • Black-eyed peas and chickpeas
    • Clover
    • Flax seeds
    • Fennel seeds
    • Peach
  • Soy products can also be helpful in increasing cup size.


The tips discussed above on how to increase breast size naturally can be helpful in regulating estrogen level and strengthening breast tissues. Also, the diet chart given above has magical results and ensures breast growth naturally if accompanied regularly and gently.

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