The my of breast side hurts yahoo

the my of breast side hurts yahoo Breast cream

If having breast pain and pain near period is normal like PMS,

then it is normal that each time without fail only my left breast experiences sharp and constant pain.

My left breast is larger than my right breast.

And whenever I have premenstrual syndrome, only my left breast hurts.

Do I have cancer?

Thanks to the people who have answered me.

the color of the nipple is constant.

only that I am corrupted because it seems and I read that it is not normal for pms to only cause pain on one side.

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Breasts are often of different sizes.

Hormonal fluctuations in the week before or during menstruation can cause pain, swelling and even lumps, so it is recommended NOT to check the breasts at this time.

Breast cancer is rarely painful or even tender in the early stages.

You don’t mention your age, but you sound young. 80% of breast cancers occur in women over 50 years of age.

Uncommon in those under 40, rare in under 30, and virtually unheard of in under 20.

What you are describing sounds like premenstrual syndrome and nothing like breast cancer.

However, if in doubt, see your doctor and have it checked out properly.

Pain on one side of the chest

Pain in a single breast

Do you have this pain every month from PMS? If so, it is better to go to the doctor.

If your left breast is larger than the right it is normal. My wife has this situation.

And is your nipple the same size and color on both breasts?

The simple fact of having your period places you in a low risk group for breast cancer; If, as I suspect, you are a teenager, your chances of getting breast cancer are very close to zero.

Breast cancer is almost unknown in those under 25 years of age, less than 0.1% of those diagnosed are under 30 years old, only 5% are under 40 years old and the majority (80%) are older than 50 years.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was assigned to the breast care nurse whose special interest was “breast cancer in young women”; she was 50 years old.

It is normal for a breast to be somewhat larger; you are the only one who notices it.

And pain is very rarely a sign of breast cancer; most people diagnosed with breast cancer have not felt any pain. The pain you describe is almost certainly hormonal.

You have no symptoms of breast cancer and are in a low-risk age group (possibly a near-no-risk age group); but if you continue to worry, see your doctor for reassurance

I will answer your question at point:

1) Breast pain that occurs during (or near) periods is called cyclical mastalgia. it is a common phenomenon and is rarely a cause for concern. also, pain can occur in one or both breasts. the nature of the pain can vary from a continuous dull heaviness / ache to a sharp and persistent pain (as in our case)

2) a slight variation in the size / shape of the breasts is the rule d in fact, NO pair of breasts are perfectly the same in shape and / or size. normal again.

3) if you have cancer: it depends on your age, which you have not mentioned, and if you have a family history of breast cancer. the other users have done a good job of defining risk in relation to age group so I’m not going to get into that. instead, I’m going to ask you to take note of the following (on a BSE or breast self-exam):

a) Is there a visible or palpable lump (that you can feel when you touch) in any of your breasts?

b) Are any of the nipples retracted?

c) a discharge comes from one of the nipples?

d) Is there a wrinkling of the skin of either of the two breasts?

e) Does either of your breasts have an increase in temperature? (you can find out by touching the chest with the back of your hand and comparing it with the other chestor some other part of the body, for example the belly or thighs)

f) Do any of your breasts appear red during episodes of pain?

If the answers to items a-d above are yes, there is a possibility of malignancy (cancer). while d & e points can point to a possible infection.

1) Our condition probably points to a case of Mastalgia. But you should visit your doctor to be sure.

2) If it is a case of cyclic mastalgia, the foll. can help:

a) Switch to support bras (eg sports bras).

b) Breast massage with WINTERGREEN OIL is considered helpful. u can try it.

c) encouraging hot water can help decrease pain (make sure the water is not too hot, or you may end up with burns on your breasts, which of course we don’t want to happen, right?)

d) pain relievers (NSAIDS) like mefenamic acid can be helpful for both breast pain and painful periods (if you have that too)

3) Last but not least, if you are over 35 years old, it is time for you to start getting an annual mammogram (breast x-ray). This applies not only to you, but to all women.

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