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“Knowing that we can physically endure another life, and connect with our baby is so natural and comforting..

Time flies. Actress and businesswoman Cheryl Wee’s baby is now three months old!

And, she has finally revealed her name … and her face!

Cheryl Wee’s baby has been named “Marc”.

She revealed the sweet reason behind her name on Instagram, “This (her birthday) turns out to be the feast day of Saint Mark. As a tribute and out of gratitude and thanking God for this beautiful little miracle, We decided to call him Marc, inspired by San Marcos. “

Photo: Instagram / Cheryl Wee

Isn’t family adorable?

Cheryl Wee’s Secrets to Breastfeeding Success

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This new mother initially admitted that she was overwhelmed by sleepless nights, confinement practices, and breastfeeding. But it seems she’s now gotten used to the many “joys” of motherhood.

In her words, “It†™ s been a steep learning curve but a very rewarding three months with this little one.”

She has also been generous enough to offer some amazing breastfeeding advice for new moms. Here are some of their tips:

• Take it easy

Cheryl advises moms not to become obsessed with breastfeeding to the point where it begins to affect their physical and mental health.

Says: “To begin with, my opinion on breastfeeding should not be stressed by it. If I can and am able to do it, great! If not, weв ™ ll do our best for him.”

• Rock energy pumping

This mummy has also experienced its share of lactation problems.

She reveals, “There are days when Iв ™ m can extract much more, and days when my supplies decrease when I get sick or extract less because I†™ m late at work.

“But I didnв afecta ™ t let it get to me, and I followed the advice of my mummy friends about the power pump and it works.

“And also regarding breast pumps — find one that works for you. I find that the type of breast pump you use can affect performance as well. ”

Photo: Instagram / Cheryl Wee

• Try these great foods to increase your breast milk supply

It†™ s Fish and papaya all the way for this nursing mom! Cheryl†™ s mother, the beautiful Jean Yip, made sure her daughter had plenty of fish and papaya during the confinement period.

Aside from these, Cheryl reveals, “Lactation cookies and cakes taste good and helped with performance, but I usually have to eat quite a bit, and itв s ™ s fattening so I†™ ve cut it down. ”

It also encourages new moms to drink plenty of water and to rest and relax whenever possible.

• Enjoy the process

Cheryl believes that instead of obsessing over and measuring every ounce of breast milk produced, moms should live in the moment and be grateful for what they have.

In her words, “Instead of stressing about breastfeeding, I really enjoy the moments when I breastfeed him and through breastfeeding I†™ m learning about him too. His hunger signals, drowsiness, and especially when he was sick and lonely she wanted her mom to snuggle up for her comfort. .

“I†™ m a supporter of breastfeeding not only because of the amazing nutrients, but also because of the bond we develop with our little ones, especially as a new mom.

“Knowing that we can physically endure another life and connect with our baby is so natural and comforting.”

• Drop the blame

Many moms are depressed because of their low supply of breast milk or their inability to breastfeed their baby. But as Cheryl recently told us, “Don†™ t forget and lose focus [on] beauty andthe miracle and the joy that is before you. Your baby!

“Do your best and be patient. If your milk doesn’t come in the first week or so don’t worry, itв ™ s normal.

“If your baby is hungry, personally I chose to supplement with the formula because she first had jaundice and the doctor advised me to do so. And for me, the most important thing is that what⠙ s is good for the baby..

And these words from Cheryl are GOLD, “Although I find breastfeeding rewarding, the most important thing I feel is, don’t break a sweat. Let’s let it flow naturally, if for some reason we can’t, don†We don’t have enough or we choose not to, this doesnв ™ t make us less of a mother!

“Motherhood is more than breastfeeding, and thereв ™ s is so much more we can give to our children, and the person we become because of them, that makes us a mother!”

It’s so true, and I love it!

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