My weeks hurting 5 stopped at breasts

my weeks hurting 5 stopped at breasts Breast cream

I am 5 weeks old and from the implantation point, my breasts were sore and heavy that they hurt a lot when I took off my bra at night …

In the last two days, this feeling of pain and heaviness has disappeared …

I assume this means my hormone levels are dropping and the pregnancy will end soon?

Has anyone experienced this decrease in pain at first, but had a successful pregnancy?

Well my symptoms came and went for the first few weeks, so give it a few days and you will see.
I hope you do well.

Breast pain was one of the first symptoms I had in all of my pregnancies, but my breasts didn’t stay sore all the time, so they must have stopped hurting at some point. Sorry I can’t remember when that was, but it may have been as early as 5 weeks. Be hopeful and take care of yourself. Cross your fingers for you.

Yes, my buttocks were sore up to the point when I would have had a period, then nothing, with the two anterior ends, although they got bigger little by little, but not immediately. I also had bleeding and cramps at this point up to 12 weeks, but everything was fine.

Is there any reason, apart from the fact that the Noriegas don’t mind that I think it will end in MC?

Yes DinahRod – I have had sticky brown mucus since last Wednesday, every now and then and only in the afternoon / evening and only when I clean myself.

Have I also had mild cramps?

I am mega paranoid as I had a lack of MC at 10 weeks 14 months ago and it has taken me this long to fall off again (after laparoscopy for fibrions as well).

I was very excited to have a PFC on March 25 (which would give me 4 weeks, right?) But yesterday I went to the EPAC (thinking I was 5 + 5 weeks) and they did a scan, but she said I had 4/5 weeks and that it may have stopped growing at 4 weeks, or is it too small at this time?

He said there was no fluid around the sac to indicate blood and that my endometrium was 29mm thick, which is good, right?

I’m worried about my history, the mucus and the lack of sore breasts that could happen again …

It’s such a horrible time for you, poor thing. I had a miscarriage with the first lump, my breasts were sore that stopped hurting when things went wrong. However, when I got pregnant with the second lump they were sore for the same amount of time and everything was fine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Mine were really sore and heavy and stopped when yours did. I was worried too, but now I am almost nine weeks pregnant. The pain has also returned a bit. I hope everything goes well for you x

It is not knowing one way or another that is so difficult. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Color and consistency of mucus similar to mine, with severe cramps – was attributed to infection at the end, but a mc was assumed.

Will they scan you again a bit later or do you have to wait until 12 weeks or something like that?

Could the brown discharge be some old blood from the implantation bleeding that is now coming out?

Also for sore breasts, mine definitely stopped hurting pretty soon, the pain didn’t last more than a few weeks.

I hope all is well for you, fingers crossed.

I’ll have another beta hcg blood test tomorrow, as my levels should double every 48 hours, so if they have doubled then I will have another test in a week, if not, it will all be over …

Well, they’re not keeping you waiting, they’re doing blood tests. Let us know how you’re doing, I’m thinking of you.

I had symptoms similar to yours Amarilis – I do not remember the breasts clearly, but I stopped feeling pregnant, I had light bleeding and cramps and back pain for several days from 8 weeks and I was convinced that everything was fine – but I went to the emergency gynecology unit and found that the bubble was fine. However, he had a bad infection in his urine that was causing the pain. No explanation was given for the discharge, “just one of those things” apparently.

I had also had previous cds, so I expected the worst. I am now 37 weeks pregnant. So it can go well even when symptoms seem to suggest otherwise at first days.

I think this time, 5 to 12 weeks, is the worst time of pgy really in terms of ongoing anxiety. I really hope everything goes well for you. If you get a good result in marriages, maybe you can try to relax a little! I keep reminding myself that with each passing day, the odds are more and more in your favor.

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