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men tumblr breastfeeding Breast cream

Black Breastfeeding Week is officially on! #Black Lactation Week # # bbw15

Claudette García and Zakai (2 years old)
“I am sitting here sharing our breastfeeding journey as we celebrate my children’s second birthday. 730 days of breastfeeding and still no signs of stopping. I always knew I was going to breastfeed. It was instinctive for me. My mother breastfed us all, and my younger brother until he was almost 5. At first, it was hard. As a new mother, I only knew what I was being told, which most of the time included the painful and difficult what it would be. After the cesarean section I demanded that my baby be brought to me because I planned to breastfeed him and the nurses agreed to my request. Without a lactation consultant and without help, I hooked up with my baby for the first time. It was magical. I was doing it. The first night was fine, but the following days became a challenge. My incision made it impossible for me to feel comfortable, my nipples were starting to crack, and we were breastfeeding every 10 minutes. I asked a lac consultant to help me. But that never happened and they let me figure it out myself. My partner was my greatest support. She encouraged me and never let me leave because she knew how much I wanted this. The days and weeks that followed became more challenging. She had doubts that she could continue or that she could do it any longer. He was exhausted but we managed to get by and after a few months we got the hang of it. We exclusively breastfed for 10 months until we started taking solids, but she never stopped breastfeeding. I called myself a “super suckling” due to my overproduction and my ability to spray milk several feet in front of me during a descent. I got over my fear of breastfeeding in public after being told several times that I needed to cover up. All of my experiences led me to become a lactation consultant. I love everything related to breastfeeding and normalizing it is one of my missions. I never knew that something as simple as feeding my son would have such an impact on my life as a mother and a woman. “111000. # Fourth Quarter Body Project Fourth Quarter Body Project Fourth Quarter Body Project Fourth Quarter Body Project Postpartum Breastfeeding Birth

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We have broken the Internet. 😉 My photo of the Goddesses of Lactation has been shared far and wide!

In honor of this, I wrote a blog about my first breastfeeding experience with Eleven. It is a saga of epic proportions.

111000. After having to “escape” and sneak twice while in “postnatal lockdown” (just because I wanted to breastfeed my newborn.) I realized:

I am my own advocate. I AM the lawyer for the Eleven. If I sit here and hope they give me what I want, it will never come.

If I sit here and trust that someone else knows what is best for my son more than I do, they will continue to take me for nonsense in this circus.

Read the full story: Lactation Goddesses: The Odyssey of Freedom at the Age of Eleven website: http://www. ageofeleven. com/1111/breastfeeding-goddesses

This photo was taken by the brilliant world-renowned photographer Ivette Ivens, and Eleven & I will be featured in her next book, “Breastfeeding Goddesses..

Follow @IvetteIvens on IG, and click on the link on her profile for the pre-order link for her book. Her job is ETHEREAL.

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Infirmary at the great door of the crystalline pillar.

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(at the Denver Coliseum Minerals, Fossils and Gems Exposition)

This goes with what I’m doing for Inktober. Lately I’ve been enjoying drawing without pencil lines, but going straight to ink work. One of my professors at university said that he loved to see imperfections in people’s work as it made art seem like it came from the heart.

I’m still playing with this technique. Personally, I look very experimental when it comes to my art.

This was inspired by a discussion with a friend of mine. I was also inspired by @fionasmyth and Keith Haring.

Pandora Jade has been breathing air for a full 24 hours !! Happy day ONE to my Martian baby! From top to bottom, she’s changed so much in one day, that she can’t wait to see where the next few hours of eternity take us! I’m so in love! 😍👶🏽👽🔮💜💚💛💙 #breastisbest #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #babymartian #PJsDeliveryService # Party4PJ #pandorajade #mommylife #babypeoples #babypj #queen #blackqueen

I’m happy to defend this point to the end, if you don’t want to see a woman breastfeeding, don’t watch.

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