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in breast increasing tips tamil Breast cream

The thing that women usually worry about is their breasts. Because most women do not like small size breasts. Women’s breast size is related to their lifestyle, genetics and body weight.

Women want compact large size breasts so they do not hesitate to have surgery for it. But in reality you can enlarge breast size in natural ways. There are a number of supplements, herbs, creams, magnifiers, and massage machines available for this purpose. But there is no scientific evidence that this is a good solution.


Focusing exercises on the back, shoulder muscles and pectoralis muscles help to widen the chest muscles located next to the breast tissue. Thus breast size is also likely to enlarge. Breast enlargement through such exercise does not cause any side effects.

Let us now see which exercises can enlarge the breast size.

Pressure on the wall

Doing this exercise helps to rejuvenate your pectoral muscles and enlarge breast size. This can be done easily.

Stand in front of the wall. Now press the walls with your palms. Breast height and arm height should be equal.

Now press the palm forward and move on. The head should move closer to the wall.

Then let it come to a standstill. Repeat this for 10-15 minutes.

Hand washing

This can be done easily. Can be done with a dumbbell tool in hand or with a weight. By exercising the shoulder muscles and back muscles, this exercise helps to increase breast size.

Extend arms laterally to shoulder level.

Now rotate your hands clockwise and counterclockwise in a circular motion.

Do up to 1 minute

Then rotate in another direction for 1 minute.

Raise hands up and down for a minute.

Repeat 2-3 times

Pressure on hands

This exercise increases breast size by moving your shoulder and pectoral muscles. You can even do this exercise using weights.

Extend the arms in front of the breast

Keep the palms attached close to the breast.

Now stretch out the arms and bend and press on the palms.

Do this for 1 minute.

Prayer Pose

The pectoral muscles expand during this exercise. Thus the breast size expands and enlarges.

Stretch out your arms well

Then hold the palms as Sami bows and stand for 30 seconds.

Stay in the same position for 10 minutes and then reassemble.

Repeat 15 times.

Horizontal breast pressure

This, too, is almost Prairie Bose. Affects pectoral muscle and easily enlarges breast size.

First extend the arms forward

Bend the elbows at a 90 degree angle i. e..

Then spread your arms and let the old man come.

Come back to the old one after 1 minute.

Breast Extension

Breast size cup size can be enlarged by activating the pectoral muscles located behind the breast muscles. Dumbbells or weights can be used for this exercise.

Take the dumbbell tool in each of your hands.

Now bend your elbows and bring them to the shoulder.

Reach out your arms again. Fold the elbows again and bring back the old one. Now gently lower the wrist.

Now fold the loops and place them sideways and repeat 2-3 times

Push Up

This exercise is for everyone in general. Something to do. Naturally it enlarges breast size.

Lie on the floor with your hands on the floor.

Now bend the elbows and push up.

Repeat this 2-3 times.

Alternative Dumbbell Exercise

It’s a little difficult exercise. Definitely need the right experience to do this exercise. Those who do this first must have the right experience. Let’s do it slowly. Regular exercise will definitely give good results.

Take the dumbbell in both hands.

Bend parallel to the floor.

Spread the feet and shoulders evenly wide.

Place the dumbbell straight below the shoulder and bend the arms slightly.

Your back should be flat. Raise your hands.

The sick one must stand in the same line to join.

Then come back to

Pressure on palms

This is the best exercise to increase breast size. It is also known as Palm Press, Dynamic-Tension Bush.

Put the palms together and place them against the breast

Bend your elbows and bend your arms as hard as you can

Leave it for 5-10 seconds

Repeat this 5 times

Chest Tips

This exercise has a direct effect on the breasts, thus increasing the size of the breasts naturally.

Place your palms facing back on the table and chair as shown in the picture.

Lift the shoulder slightly upwards.

Keep the body smooth

Now lean forward without body.

Repeat this 4-5 times.

The above exercises naturally enlarge your breast size. This way you can get a compact breast.

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