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breast yahoo natural answers enlargement Breast cream

I am 20 years old and not even a cup. I do not want to have to resort to breast augmentation surgery, for one it is expensive and for two it seems false. Is there anything i can do to stimulate breast growth? I’m already on the pill and it hasn’t done anything. I have heard that stimulating the nipples produces milk and therefore makes your breasts grow? That’s right? I have also heard that creams and pills do nothing.

thanks for your help

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You do not need to resort to surgery. For one it is not worth it anyway. For two, there are some natural options. I was the same as you in size. I wanted to be bigger, I was aware of myself, but in the end it doesn’t matter, I liked him for me. I found a husband who loves me and doesn’t care how big they are.

With that said, I am currently taking Breast Success and on my second bottle and already seeing results. Even though my husband didn’t care, he wanted to see what he could do for me, he wanted to see it. I know that hormonal health plays a role in breast development, so knowing that these herbs help balance and support normal hormonal function and health, I saw that as a good thing. I thought to myself that if nothing else I should see some improvement in my hormonal balance.

I looked for natural options and ingredients and testimonials and chose to give it a try. The reason I chose this over other natural supplement options was that the ingredients are all herbs that have been used for many many years for women’s health and an amino acid that helps breast growth. They are in capsule form rather than tablet (there are no fillers or binders that tablets have). Additionally, women who took it found that they experienced other healthy effects such as increased libido and better menstrual cycles with less PMS. and they saw the growth of the breasts. This showed me that it was a good product and that I would be willing to try it. They also use more of a variety of herbs than other natural supplements for breast augmentation.

I also researched Breast Actives, another high-quality brand for breast augmentation, and they use an exercise and massage program to help, so I’m doing some of that too. You do not need to buy their program to use these methods effectively, it is not a secret method. Breast Actives also uses a cream with the pill supplements, it may help to contribute, but I find that I am getting pretty fast results with Breast Success and I am happier using something with less fillers and additives.

Here is a third party review of some natural products for breast augmentation:

I would recommend that you try Breast Success with the exercise and breast massage option along with it if you really want to try something. I would not trust any breast augmentation supplement, however, be careful.

For the exercise basically all you need is a couple of different pectoral exercises. These work the muscles under the chest tissues and help support and encourage them. This contributes to fullness. When exercising, pay attention to your shape and make sure you can feel your chest (pectoral) muscles working and contracting. If you work them long enough and properly, they should feel a little sore the next day (it just has to be a little sore, they shouldn’t be paralyzing). See here for some links:

The information on breast massage shows the real breasts, just to give you an idea. So don’t look for these links if you don’t want to see those things. Here are a couple of links:

As your breasts increase in size, it is more important to have a bra that fits and supports you. This prevents the ligaments and connective tissue from stretching. Also wear a supportive sports bra when you exercise.

Bra Adjustment Links:

I don’t think there is anything in nipple stimulation, at least not from milk production. You don’t produce milk unless you are pregnant or need it for breastfeeding. Although after getting married and having my breasts handled more, I personally saw a slow increase insize before even trying anything else.

Best of luck. People may say that this does not work. And yes, I agree that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. As women we have an unhealthy attitude about our appearance, we need to like ourselves for what we have. But I think this does work. Results vary from woman to woman and genetics continue to play a role. And like all natural things they are not instant fixes.

Your self-esteem should not depend on the size of your breasts. That doesn’t really matter one bit. If someone is going to like you, it has to be because of you and not because of your physical attributes. And you need to like him for who you are. Don’t be obsessed with your looks in any way.

If you want to learn more about hormonal health and balance, this website has a lot of information from a natural point of view:

Lorna Vanderhaeghe is known as an expert on hormonal health and on her website you can listen to talk shows, read newsletters, and even read a couple of her books for free.

Best of luck, no matter what you do, I love you for you, not for your physical attributes. Those are superficial things that don’t really matter in life. Larger breasts may attract more attention, but they are not the ones that matter.

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