Breast enlargement by elchuri tips

breast enlargement by elchuri tips Breast cream

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Lunes, 31 May 2010 2010

Remedio del Dr. Elchuri (Receta) for accounting for the loss of

The brilliant solution given by Dr. Elchuri for breast augmentation (growth):
The first method (solution):
Warm cow’s milk – 1 cup
Cow ghee – 1 tsp
Gada (barre) – 1 tsp
Aceite de Song: 1 tbsp
Ascar de caramelo: 1 cup

Method of preparation: Paidalani should be taken (consumed) twice a day
Benefits: Boobs enhance beauty.
Remedio del Dr. Choose from the following lines:

Aimanto del tamaño de los senos:

Componentes requests:
Leche vaca caliente: 1 taza
Ghee de vaca: 1 cup
Ghee de búfalo: 1 cup
Acceite de ssamo: 1 cup
Azcar de caramelo: 1 cup.

Mezcle todos los contents anteriores and tome dos veces al daa and vea el result

La belleza de los senos aso como tamaño aumenta.

Second solution:
(1) Shoulder seat: This seat should be laid 5 times (lying on the floor with the bores lying on the floor and then the neck should be raised and the hands should rest on the floor.

2.Ushtrasana: The hands should be placed on the tobillos (heels) like a diamond.

3. Asanas for standing arms (brazo) should be done.
a) Free los brazos hakia matching and luego extienda la mano izquierda la lago mano derecha a la direcha mientras estras de pie.
b) Brazos arriba and brazos abajo en posición de pie.
c) Gire cada brazo en el sentido de las agujas del reloj and en sendido contrario a las agujas del reloj.

(i) Bhujangasanam – Haz este aasana 5 veces al día (Acoustate sobre el estmago y levanta el cuello descansando sobre las manos tocando el suelo).

ii) Ushtrasanam (Sostener los tobillos mintras se está en la postura de Vajrasnam).

iii) Levantarse and hacer exercises with lobes:

a) Free los brazos hakia matching and luego extienda la mano izquierda a la izquierda la mano dercha a la direcha mientras este de pie, lo que da un buen result.

b) Hacer como los brazos arriba y abajo en pi postu de pie, lo que da un buen result.
c) Gire cada brazo en el sentido de las agujas del reloj and tambiin en sentido contrario las agujas del reloj.

Third solution; Ingredients required

Horseradish: 100 grams
Asparagus: 100 grams
Jatamasi: 100 grams
Puskaramulan: 100 grams
Nuts: 100 grams
Method of preparation: 22

All the above ingredients should be mixed and stored in a bottle.

Vadu Method: Take the required amount of powder and mix it with enough butter or ghee. Apply Dhini on both breasts before going to bed without touching the pezones.

Benefits: Helps in breast augmentation.

Remedio No.3:
Puskaramulan: 100 gramos
Satavari: 100 gramos
Jatamasi: 100 gramos
Aswagandha: 100 gramos
Vaakudu kayalu: 100 gramos

Hacer los polvos de todos los components anteriores golpando and lugo guardarlo a botella.

Uso: Tome a polio de arriba of cantidad requests, and luego agregue la mantequilla or ghee para hacer a pasta. The application is the last of the amboscopes antes de dormir sin tocar los pizones. Ahora coloca un algodón en ambos pechos y ponle una palmadita.

Create the picho and tomboy aumenta el tamao del picho.

Create the picho and tomboy aumenta el tamao del picho. Tella kaluvas
aceite agua

Procedimiento de preparación:

Tomar Attipatti, tella kaluvas, vasa, katukarohini, pasupu in equal proportion and pound them. To this is added twice the weight of the ghee, twice the sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and 16 times the water and boiled in the SIM flame until the ghee and oil remain. It filters and then stores the oil that is prepared.

This tailam has to be taken in a dropper bottle and place 3 or 4 drops in both nostrils and breathe in and then see the result.

Breast size increases and also gives it a good beauty.

Lotus flower seed powder

Preparation procedure:

Now take lotus flower seed powder and then add the same amount of sugar. Take a tablespoon of this along with water, both in the morning and in the evening. Along with the above procedure, crush the lotus flowers and then put the paste on both breasts without touching the nipples.

Surely the size of the breasts increases in a month.

Fruits of Vaakudu

Preparation procedure:

Take the fruits of vaakudu, satavari, chengalwakostu, jatamamsi, aswagandha in equal parts and grind them to make a paste by adding water. Add 4 times cow’s milk, twice sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and boil on the SIM flame until oil remains. Filter and store the oil. Apply this oil twice a day on both breasts. Now this can be applied to the whole body to increase the overall personality.

The size of the breasts increases and also helps to increase the overall personality.

peedda muttava pulagam
china muttava pulagam

Preparation procedure:

Take powders of peedda muttava pulagam, china muttava pulagam, vasa, sowarchalavanam, Chengalvakostu, ksheerakoli (all items are available in ayurveda stores) and filter them in a cloth and store. Add a little butter or ghee to the required amount according to daily need and apply the paste to both breasts. Massage gently.

Breast size increases to the required amount and gives beauty.

For loose breasts:

vaakudu kayalu
uttareni roots
aswagandha dumpalu
grandhi tagaram
chengalva kostu

Preparation method:

First take vaakudu kayalu, uttareni roots, pepper, pippali, aswagandha dumpalu, mustard, grandhi tagaram, chengalva kostu in equal proportion or quantity and make powders separately. Mix and then save that powder.

Take the powder in sufficient quantity and mix the goat’s milk (gorrey paalu) until it has a consistency. Apply to the chest without touching the nipples before sleeping. Put cotton on the chest and wear a bra. In the early morning clean and then bathe.

This paste will remove the impure water stored in the breast and also the loose breasts will become strong and tight. If black spots or sores appear on the chest, apply coconut oil and they will be easily removed.

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