2 much breast cream health

2 much breast cream health Breast cream


It is an Ayurvedic product manufactured by the famous brand of medicinal herbs Prince Pharma. Breast augmentation is done with the external application of two breast augmentation creams. With the introduction of Ayurvedic painless medication, women are rushing towards this treatment to acquire the perfect figure and it includes the desire to have large and attractive breasts. Surgery and allopathic medicines often have various side effects and are disastrous for women undergoing breast augmentation treatment.

The allopathic system of medicine generally consists of breast enhancement pills, which contain estrogen hormone which includes a serious risk of endometrial cancer, menstruation and other sex-related problems in women. 2 a lot breast augmentation treatment is becoming a trend for many women, who feel guilty and are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. 2 much breast enhancement treatment for breast enhancement ensures maximum. 2 much breast enlargement cream is a combination of herbs that tones the muscles and gives the required shape. its natural breast augmentation effects.

Benefits of 2 Much Breast Cream

  • It also treats Low Milk Production after childbirth Women who want to increase their resistance during intercourse.
  • Treats sagging and sagging is often due to breastfeeding the baby in an incorrect position. Sagging and / or lack of size of the breasts give rise to many psychological illnesses and the inferiority complex.
  • Treats fatigue that occurs after loss of libido in daily training and decreased sexual desire in women.
  • Has a combination of the right herbs that aids in skin care by hydrating and protecting its texture, while roses provide fragrance to add shine to dry, dull skin.
  • It is very effective in strengthening and expanding women’s breasts. It is made up of calcium, protein, iron, and phosphorous and should be included in your routine.

Breast cream ingredients 2 Much 111000.

  • KhadriaChall (Acacia Catechu) 5 gm
  • 000111. Haldi (Curcuma Longa) 2.5 gm.

  • Jatun Oil (Olive oil) 10 ml
  • 000111. GulabPushpa (Rosa Centifolia) 2.5 gm.

  • Ral (Shorea Robusta) 2.5 gm.
  • Ghekwar (Aloe Barbadensis) 5.0 gm.
  • Erendi (RicinusComunis) 2.5 gm.
  • 000111.

  • Phitkari (Refined Alum) 1.0 gm.
  • QS cream base.

2 Much Breast Cream Dose 111000.

Simply massage using this cream in a circular motion.

Product size: 100 grams

Additional information

<tr> <th> Weight

<td> 100 g


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    N PERWEEN – September 19, 2017

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